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Más sobre Curricula, Glosarios, Agentes Inteligentes,
Varios y Material en Español
More about Curricula, Intelligent Agents,
Miscellaneous and Spanish Content
Source 1.
Note: We found in a section devoted to Dictionaries and Glossaries that presents
one of the old and best Works done about Computers Glossary, the FOLDOC:, . You may get your own copy from . I
suggest that this be the core of our Thesaurus, complemented with some others. This Internet
classic is always updated by volunteers. Listed below we present the last updates:
2002-12-09 die
2002-12-02 orthogonal
2002-11-29 Packet InterNet Groper
2002-11-26 virtual memory
2002-11-26 TYMNET
2002-11-22 Network Operating System
2002-11-13 Mozilla
2002-11-12 Brain Aid Prolog
2002-11-09 Visual Display Unit
2002-11-09 DSE
2002-11-08 magnetostrictive delay line
2002-11-04 microphone
2002-11-03 combinator
2002-11-03 Squeak
2002-11-02 chm
2002-10-29 Streaming SIMD Extensions
2002-10-26 bit rate
2002-10-16 Amdahl's Law
2002-10-15 Lambda Prolog
2002-10-15 Fibonacci sequence
2002-10-06 finger
2002-10-06 Java servlet
2002-10-06 well-known port
2002-10-06 ephemeral port
2002-10-06 John W. Mauchly
2002-10-02 kluge
2002-09-29 dongle
2002-09-21 interactive development environment
2002-09-20 autoconf
2002-09-20 autoconfiscate
2002-09-08 Xerox Data Systems Model 940
2002-09-08 backplane
2002-09-03 Personal Digital Assistant
2002-09-03 peripheral
2002-09-02 BITNET
2002-08-30 ZX-80
2002-08-30 Business Application Programming Interface
2002-08-30 Virtual Local Area Network
2002-08-29 gray code
2002-08-28 local exchange carrier
2002-08-28 inter-exchange carrier
2002-08-28 FutureBasic
2002-08-08 polymorphism
2002-08-03 race condition
2002-07-31 routing
2002-07-31 routed
2002-07-28 lha
2002-07-28 LHARC
2002-07-28 Z3
2002-07-28 Colossus
2002-07-26 mail merge
2002-07-26 Virtual Storage Access Method
2002-07-24 interrupt handler
2002-07-24 Richard Hamming
2002-07-24 curried function
2002-07-21 software
2002-07-16 humanist technology
2002-07-16 wavelength division multiplexing
2002-07-16 wave division multiplexing
2002-07-16 Tui
2002-07-16 microprocessor
2002-07-16 John Tukey
2002-07-15 circuit
2002-07-15 Solaris
2002-07-14 electronic mail
2002-07-12 converse
2002-07-12 applet
2002-07-08 von Neumann architecture
2002-07-02 Hamming code
2002-07-02 Microsoft Certified System Engineer
2002-07-02 load
2002-07-02 ray tracing
2002-07-02 memo function
2002-07-02 actual argument
2002-07-02 argument
2002-07-02 Hamming distance
2002-07-02 formal argument
2002-06-29 Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol
2002-06-29 Internet Protocol Control Protocol
2002-06-29 Macintosh Operating System
2002-06-28 Host Control Interface
2002-06-28 Core Protocol Stack
2002-06-28 Service Discovery Protocol
2002-06-28 RFCOMM
2002-06-28 Web Services
2002-06-28 Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol
2002-06-28 Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration
2002-06-28 Object Exchange
2002-06-26 warchalk
2002-06-26 orthogonal instruction set
2002-06-25 guru meditation
2002-06-24 Modified Frequency Modulation
2002-06-23 Lucent Technologies
2002-06-21 Macintosh
2002-06-21 American Telephone and Telegraph, Inc.
2002-06-21 HCI
2002-06-19 Supplementary Ideographic Plane
2002-06-19 Ruby
2002-06-19 port
2002-06-17 Altair 8800
Source 2.
Merriam Webster: Thesaurus: 2 a : a book of words or of information about a particular field or
set of concepts; especially : a book of words and their synonyms b : a list of subject headings or
descriptors usually with a cross-reference system for use in the organization of a collection of
documents for reference and retrieval.
Just the core of our FIRST system that probes to be almost closed in the sense that for a given
discipline and for each keyword of that discipline we have a domain of i-URL´s and none of them
make references outside this domain and use of keywords outside the Thesaurus is irrelevant
besides. The inner consistency is even stronger than that, namely: the knowledge tree of the
given discipline is reasonable well represented within the i-URL´s domain with all subjects and
sub subjects covered with a redundancy higher than 1.
Once built the map engined by a version of a custom made FIRST, the reasonability and the
redundancy mentioned above will be determined/tested by interactions with a sample users
Fuente 3. Diccionario de términos de computación e Internet, en francés. Tiene un diseño interesante, por ejemplo
resaltar los Top 10 y nosotros podríamos incluir los Top 10 pares secuenciales, dentro de una
misma sesión o pares comunes entre sesiones de usuarios distintos.
Fuente 4. Pearson Editora tiene un diccionario bilingüe de 4.000 términos de computación,
Fuente 5. Webopedia, es un servicio de diccionario online, que
pretende ser un search engine. The service is free and the undertaking belongs to JupiterMedia
Fuente 6. es un glosario muy básico,
que solo tiene las traducción al español de cada término en inglés pero sin explicación, aunque
puede ser útil ponerse de acuerdo al menos en la traducción.
Some References advance computing research center of Caltech, USA. directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering from
the NSF, National Science Foundation.
CERN from Switzerland were the Web was born!, . We advise to
visit its education Portal, .
Sitios Hispanos , especializado en virus , red científica, de mi amigo De la Herrán Gascón, tiene una
interesante sección sobre Inteligencia Artificial, centrada en consideraciones filosóficas de
Teillhard de Chardin y en Computación Evolutiva
Bases de Datos
Inteligencia Artificial
Realidad Virtual
Reseñas de Libros
Redes Neuronales
Sistemas Complejos
Sistemas Operativos
Vida Artificial
Visión Artificial
Bases de Datos
Ingeniería del
Inteligencia Artificial
Límites de la ciencia
Resolución de
Fuente 7. Varias fuentes de Tesauros, glosarios, guías de ict o de ítems aislados como por
ejemplo Java.
Ciber Léxico, , es uno más de traducción de términos sin
explicación. Ciberteca de Tutores en Español. , revista sobre seguridad y criptología. , revista chilena de seguridad informática y temas
de hackering , tesauro de Redes de Ordenadores de la Universidad
de Murcia. , Directorio de Diccionarios en Español , glosario de Java. , Vocabulario de términos de computación y de Internet (900,
pero con explicaciones)., glosario y diccionario de
telecomunicaciones. , de criptografía y
seguridad, pero solo equivalencias lingüísticas.
Source 8. , a collection on business and communications magazines:
Technologies Pages: These mini-home pages cover each of our seven key categories: Ebusiness, Business Applications, Mobile & Wireless, Networking, Security, Network & Systems
Management, and Services & Outsourcing. The pages present all of the valuable, hard-to-find
content from,, and in each
They said to have an Encyclopedia with more than 20.000 terms in . This encyclopedia looks terrific, for instance take a look
at robots. It really belongs to Computer Desktop Encyclopedia a proprietary issue form Computer
Language, . It’s enriched with graphic and phonetics as well!.
It covers:
More than 15,000 definitions about the computer field and IT industry.
We're known for our graphics! More than 2,500 noteworthy illustrations, photos, charts, and
Micro to Mainframe: covers PCs, Macs, UNIX, Internet & Web, networking, client/server,
broadband & telecom, fiber optics & lasers, major products & vendors, wireless & PDAs,
acronyms, buzzwords, everything from A to Z.
Fundamental Concepts: explained in depth for the beginner, reinforcement for experts.
Informative historical content, company backgrounders and major product descriptions. Topic lists
guide you through the Encyclopedia.
Phonetic Entries such as scuzzy, gooey, and morray link you to SCSI, GUI, and Moiré.
Superior cross-referencing throughout.
Source 9.
HiTech Dictionary from Computer Users,
Intelligent Agents and specifically , it´s a basic PDF document
about agents from the Liverpool University extracted from a Multi Agents Systems:
An Introduction to Multiagent Systems by Michael Wooldridge. Published in February 2002 by
John Wiley & Sons (Chichester, England). ISBN 0 47149691X.
340pp approx; includes bibliographical references and index.
Varios del departamento de informática de la
universidad de Pisa, Italia.
Currícula Informática de la UNLP,
Escuela de Informática de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,
The school is responsible of the organization and coordination of the educational and
research tasks of the following departments of the U.P.M.:
Computer Technology and Architecture
Applied Computer Science
Programming Languages, Projects and Computational Systems
Science and Technical Applied Linguistics
Applied Mathematics
Information Structuration and Organization
Intelligent Systems
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